COVID-19 Level 1

Unite for the recovery

 We will return to face to face consultations unless you prefer them to be done by telemedicine. Please help us during this time of recovery by using our tracer app  on arrival, following good hygiene practices and staying home if you are sick,


As from 24/03/2020 women can now self referr to most abortion services in NZ and no longer require two legal certifications. You will still require some blood tests & a scan to use AMAC's abortion services but we can provide a scan onsite & get blood test forms to you electronically once our doctor has determined you are medically fit to undergo a procedure. 

Why Choose AMAC

With nearly 40 years of skills & expertise in early abortion, contraception provision & related services you can rely on us to provide professional, non-judgemental & confidential care.

If you require a FEMALE doctor for any treatments at AMAC please advise us at the time of booking so that an appropriate appointment date can be provided.

LARC or ‘fit & forget’ Contraception 

Mirena and Jaydess NOW funded from 1st November 2019 for ALL Health Care Eligible Patients on prescription

 (N.B. Insertion, removal and pharmacy fees apply)

Casual Patients Welcome