Counselling as part of the abortion procedure

It is a legal requirement in New Zealand to offer counselling to any women requesting abortion. The choice to accept or decline counselling is your decision.

Counsellors at AMAC are also qualified nurses who are unbiased and will respect & provide support, whatever decision you make.

Counselling is designed to;

  • Assist in identifying thoughts and feelings about your unique situation.
  • Explore the available options of  parenting, adoption and abortion
  • Provide relevant information to help assist reaching a decision
  • Provide a written report for the two certifying consultants on your behalf.

Counselling is important for women who are unsure about discontinuing a pregnancy. It  assists in reaching an informed decision.

If a woman is unclear about her decision, the abortion will not proceed that same day.

If English language is limited a translator is required to:

  • be present all day
  • have a good level of spoken and written English
  • preferably be a professional translator  although a female friend is acceptable
  • not be a family member, boyfriend, partner or husband
  • be supportive of any chosen decision
  • be comfortable and competent in translating medical & personal information
  • respect & sign a statement of confidentiality 

Pre Abortion & Post Abortion Counselling Services

(Charges apply)

  • Pre abortion counselling sessions can be arranged at AMAC for:
    • Personal or Couples decision counselling to assist:
      • Making a decision as a couple
      • Dealing with feelings and emotions that have arisen since pregnant
  • Post abortion concerns about emotional recovery. Supportive offsite counsellors/ agencies are able to be recommended if returning to AMAC is inconvenient or inappropriate.

Call AMAC on (09) 6386040 to make an appointment or speak to a counsellor