Dilatation & Curettage or Evacuation of Retained Products

Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) or more accurately referred to as Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception (ERPOC)  is a procedure used to remove products of conception after a failed early pregnancy. 

It is not uncommon for early pregnancies to fail. Sometimes the pregnancy tissue will naturally expel with a heavy period-like bleed & no further medical intervention is needed. Unfortunately other times an ERPOC procedure is required to remove it. 

The ERPOC procedure involves using gentle suction to remove any remaining pregnancy tissue from the uterus.  An ERPOC is identical to the early suction abortion procedure (surgical abortion) except it does not require the legal certifications.

AMAC provide ERPOC procedures for failed pregnancies < 13 weeks of gestation.

Pre - ERPOC procedure requirements from a doctor:

Blood tests:

  • current haemoglobin level

  • blood group and rhesus status

Ultrasound scan:

  • 2 x scan reports confirm a non-viable/demised pregnancy


  • 1 x scan report + 2 x declining Bhcg tests

Letter if referral:

  • letter of referral from GP/Dr containing relevant medical information