Post-procedure - What to expect

Within the next two weeks

  • Use pads instead of tampons until bleeding stops
  • Use a shower instead of a bath
  • Do not use swimming pools or spa baths
  • Avoid strenuous activities like working out with weights or doing heavy jobs
  • Avoid sexual intercourse
  • Take any medications that have been prescribed
  • Attend a postoperative check up
  • Avoid long haul flights & situations where medical care is limited

Physical Recovery

Most women find that the abortion affects them very little while others find they need more rest for a day or two.

Bleeding & Cramps

Bleeding is very variable; from none, light or heavy menstrual flow.Soaking two sanitary pads in an hour (no white left on the pad) over a period of several hours is not normal and should be checked by AMAC or a doctor.

The length of time bleeding lasts also varies from a day or two, stopping & starting or as long as 3 weeks. Women who have used the medical abortion method can bleed even longer.

During this time some may experience period like cramps and or pass clots of blood, all of which is normal. Discomfort caused by cramps should ease with analgesics like Panadeine.

Call AMAC to discuss any heavy, ongoing bleeding or pain that is causing concern.

Morning sickness

Nausea caused by pregnancy normally reduces the next day and within a few days stops. Discuss any ongoing nausea with AMAC.

Breast tenderness

Can take a little longer to disappear than nausea. Fluid may leak from the nipples for a day or two. It is not advisable to squeeze the fluid from the nipple as this can prolong the situation. If breast soreness or leaking persists for longer than a week return for your check up early.


It is possible to become pregnant the first time you have sex after the abortion, therefore we advise starting oral contraceptives the day after your procedure. Barrier methods such as condoms should be used immediately intercourse is resumed.


The next monthly period should return in about 4-6 weeks. This can vary with the choice of contraception being used. This first period can sometimes be heavier than normal. Delays longer than 6 weeks should be checked by AMAC or a doctor.

Emotional Recovery

Some women feel well while others can feel miserable and unhappy following the abortion, some of this can be attributed to falling hormone levels. Feeling sad and tearful is a perfectly normal response in these circumstances as is feeling relieved and optimistic. It is especially helpful in the first week to have a close friend or partner for support and to discuss your feelings with. Please discuss any unresolved worrying feelings with your doctor, or contact AMAC. Counselling may be necessary and helpful.

Remember to treat your emotional health as every bit important as your physical health.

Worried something is not quite right?

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