Contraception (Family Planning Options)

AMAC appreciate when you want contraception services you want them and you want them now.

We can usually offer an appointment for most types of contraception methods within a week, often less.
Those having an abortion procedure at AMAC can be provided with most methods of contraception on the same day as their abortion procedure. Long acting reversible contraceptives are now fully DHB funded for NZ healthcare eligible patients as part of their abortion care and living in Waitematā, Auckland and Counties Manukau DHBs.


We offer the following contraception methods:

  • Hormonal contraception – e.g. Depo Provera or Contraception Pills.
  • Long acting reversible contraception (LARC) insertions, removals or replacements – e.g. Hormonal or copper Intra uterine devices or Implant rods.
  • Barrier methods – e.g. Condoms.
  • Emergency Contraception.

Contraception service prices:

For some healthcare eligible women who live within Auckland or Waitematā DHBs but not needing abortions may also be entitled to fully funded LARC insertions, removals or replacements at our clinic.
Those who do not meet the fully funded criteria or ineligible to subsidised healthcare please call us for pricing.
For a timely appointment, assistance or advice call us on 09 6386040