Counselling as part of the abortion procedure.

Counselling services are available and offered as part of our abortion care. It is particularly important for those who are unsure about ending a pregnancy however the choice to accept or decline counselling is your decision. There are no extra costs for counselling provided as part of the abortion procedure.
Counsellors at AMAC are also qualified nurses who are unbiased and will respect and provide support, whatever decision you make.

Abortion counselling is designed to:

  • assist in identifying thoughts and feelings about your unique situation;
  • explore the available options of parenting, adoption and abortion;
  • provide relevant information to help assist reaching an informed decision;
  • enable a person to make their own choices, reach their own decisions and act upon them.


Where ambivalence remains following a counselling session we strongly advise not to proceed with the abortion the same day.

Individual, couple and family/whānau
decision counselling (fees apply)

This service is available for individuals, couples family or whānau who are in conflict about the pregnancy.If one or both parties are ambivalent to the idea of continuing the pregnancy and parenting it offers the opportunity to explore and discuss feelings, options and issues relating to the relationship and the pregnancy.An abortion procedure will not follow this same day.


Post Abortion Counselling Services (fees apply)

This service is available for individuals, couples family or whānau who are experiencing emotional issues following an abortion. Your emotional well-being post abortion is as important as your physical recovery. If you need emotional support please call us to arrange an appointment with a counsellor.