Incomplete or missed miscarriage

It is not unusual for early pregnancies to fail. Often the pregnancy tissue will expel naturally and not require any medical intervention.

However if your medical professional has confirmed retained pregnancy tissue or a non-viable pregnancy they may advise you to have the remaining tissue removed.
If you are less than 14 weeks pregnant when this occurs AMAC can assist you with the choice of these options:

  • Wait to see if the tissue expels naturally.
  • A suction procedure to remove the tissue (similar to surgical abortion).
  • Medications to expel the tissue (similar to medical abortion).

Information needed by AMAC before a medical or suction evacuation procedure

  • An ultrasound scan confirming either a non-viable pregnancy under 14 weeks or the amount of retained tissue present.
  • Blood group.
  • Recent haemoglobin blood test.
  • Any relevant medical information from your health professional.